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The products sold by Stixis Tattoo Supplies are made to be distributed in the European Union and used by machines in the same vicinity. The technical characteristics and other information of the products shown are available on our website.

Prices shown on Stixis-Tattoosupplies are in EURO (€) and DO NOT include VAT. Our company reserves the right to alter the prices at any given moment, but is obligated to conduct the orders with the prices shown to you at the moment of the order.

In case a product is unavailable at the given moment, Stixis-Tattoosupplies is obligated to contact the client via e-mail or phone number (provided by the client at checkout). The availability of the products is indicative and not binding.

Regarding the technical characteristics and descriptions of products provided to us by our suppliers, the company is exempt from any responsibility in regard to its validity.

Personal information might be required from you for us to validate your order.

According to law Ν.4172/2013 which applies in Greece at the moment of operation of our company, orders over 500 Euro are to be paid by bank transfer, credit or debit card. The company cannot accept cash for order over 500 Euro.

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